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Qwirkle Game - Qwirkle Review

Hey, This is Darn here. Thanks for visiting my Qwirkle review site. And by the way, you are reading my honest and uncensored review of what I really thought of Mindware's Qwirkle.

Well this is a review for Qwirkle, so click here if you like to visit the actual product.

So anyway, why did I write this? When I was first introduced to Qwirkle, I was intrigued by the simplicity of the game. When I decided to look for Qwirkle as a gift, I realised that there isn't a lot of reviews of Qwirkle out for interested people like you to decide whether the the game is for you. That is quite sad, as personally I loved the game. I thought I would write a Qwirkle review to help those that don't know about the marvelous Qwirkle game yet.

A note of caution. I will be discussing both the pros and cons of the product in my honest review, so if that is something that you don't want to read about, then you might as well leave right away. :)

What I think of Qwirkle
At first glance, Qwirkle looked like a really simple game to me. In fact, I thought that I would be putting it back into the box after a couple of minutes. In the end, I played the game with my 2 friends for more than 3 hours.

The box that contains Qwirkle is rather heavy, mainly due to the weight of all the 108 tiles. The wooden tiles are really pleasing to the eye and nice to touch. It has a very solid feel. I would sure like to have one strung into a necklace!

Qwirkle reinvents the wheels as the whole game play is based on colours and patterns, something many games share in common. But somehow as I started to play, I didn't find it repetitive or boring. In fact, the shapes and colours appealed to my eyes and made the tiles even nicer to look at. Although it still reminds me up to now that it resembles Scrabble except you play colours and shapes instead of letters.

However, I feel that there is a shortage of tiles provided and this means that the number of players at a time is limited to a maximum of four. It's a pity really.

I can foresee that Qwirkle will be a great family game. It is a really really simple game that even a three year old can possibly learn to play. It can be a really fun social game, with a mix of strategy and laughter, it is simply a must bring to parties.

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Great family game
Family games should be suited for all ages and Qwirkle definitely matches that criteria. So as long as the child will not put the tiles into his or her mouth, then it should be pretty easy to teach the game of Qwirkle.

Challenging factor
Qwirkle can be as easy or hard as your players and you play it to be. Perhaps you might choose to go easy on the kids, and employ all your strategies to slightly more mature players. It's really up to you.

Aesthetically pleasing
The well made black wooden tiles really give a solid feel and makes you want to put it in your hand.

Qwirkle is a game for up to four players
Qwirkle recommends two to four players, which is pretty reasonable seeing that there are only 108 tiles in every box. The game gets complicated after a few rounds, and players will have to look out for the best possible move to his or her advantage.
The recommended four players simply means that Qwirkle is not suitable as a party, social kind of game.  Unless of course, you purchase more than one box.

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Qwirkle might not be suitable for eveyone
Well inevitably not everyone will like a particular game. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions.  If you can get your head around patterns and colours, then this game isn't for you. Qwirkle isn't a fast paced action filled game, players will have to strategize to earn the most amount of points. 

Qwirkle isn't exactly very portable
Qwirkle after all, is a game of 108 tiles. With a shipping weight of 3lbs and the size of each tile, it might not be as convinient to bring as opposed to say, a pack of poker cards. 

Qwirkle can be boring if the rest of the players are not competitive. If they are forming chains to allow other players to get the six tile bonus, then it might be a very strong telltale sign that they aren't playing very smart here. 


I hoped you have enjoyed my review on Qwirkle. and I hope to hear from you if you have enjoyed the game as much as I had. 

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Qwirkle Reviews

This is an official introduction of Qwirkle by MindWare, which covers the gist of how the game is played. If you didn't bother reading through the rules, then this video is a must watch

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Qwirkle Rules - How to Play Qwirkle

Qwirkle is suitable for all ages, although Mindware suggests six and above. If you are looking for Qwirkle instructions, then this is the post for you. When I was introduced to Qwirkle, I found it similar to Scrabble, and I picked up the game really quickly. You can learn it as quickly too, just make sure you read this post carefully.

Qwirkle is all about forming patterns. A pattern can be formed by lining up tiles in a straight line of a single characteristic. For example, they can all be of the same shape: a circle. You score points by putting down pieces during your turn. For example, if there are four suns in a straight line and you add a sun to it, then you will be awarded 5 points.

Before a game of Qwirkle begins, make sure you get a pencil and a legal pad ready. This is to take note of the number of points each player scores during his or her turn. Each player starts by drawing six tiles from the bag to line up in front of them. The player with the most tiles sharing the same shape or colour starts first. Once any player has less than six tiles, the will have to draw another tile from the bag to replenish the number of tiles that he lost. Do note though, that you cannot put identical tiles in the same line. For example, there is a line of similar colours, and there is already a yellow diamond in the line. You are not allowed to put another yellow diamond in the same line.

The Qwirkle Board Game goes on in a clockwise or anti-clockwise fashion depending on your rules. It doesn't really matter. In fact it is more fun to change seats with your game partners once in a while to make sure that you are exposed to the strategies of your partners. Any player who completes a row of six tiles will get an additional 6 points on top of the 6 points for the six tiles. Well doesn't that sound good? It does make the game more fun as all of a sudden, more strategy can come into play to make sure that your opponents do not get the bonus.

So now you are equipped with all the Qwirkle instructions. Does the game sound really easy? It gets easier once you have started. Go have fun and enjoy.

Mindware Qwirkle - Introduction

Hey guys.

I will be sharing my honest opinions about Qwirkle, the game that I love. Qwirkle is simple and fun. It's easy to learn and can be played as a group. You don't need a lot of instructions to get started.

Qwirkle is sort of a combination of scrabble and pattern matching. Players form chains of patterns, either with identical shapes or the same colour and earn points every round. In fact, my short explanation of the game does no justice to the game.

Whether you are looking for a gift or a new game game for yourself, the very fact that you are reading this means that you are interested in the Qwirkle Board Game. I would definitely recommend it as a birthday gift for anyone, simply because of the intuitiveness of the game. The price is pretty affordable too, and I daresay the recipient of your gift will experience a lot of fun from it.

Anyway, look our for my Qwirkle Board Game review.

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